Two-storey Apartment Design in «Nikolin Park» Complex
Venetian Plaster

Two-storey Apartment Design in «Nikolin Park» Complex

Maria Green – Interior Designer / Two-storey Apartment Design in «Nikolin Park» Complex

Design ideas for a duplex apartment in a classic style

Venetian plaster, mirrors, stucco decoration, antique frescoes – the project of a two-storey 6-room apartment in “Nikolin Park” complex is designed in a classic style with modern elements. A trendy creamy range visually expands the space. And the glitter of gold in the design of doors, pilasters and furniture facades creates a palatial atmosphere.

A white staircase with curly balusters leads to the second floor of the apartment, and its platform effectively rests on a column that complicates the design of the bar counter. Complete with a narrow partition, it successfully separates the corner kitchen from the dining room and living room with a second light, which is decorated with luxurious crystal chandeliers, bas-reliefs and frescoes.

Antique details “penetrate” the entire interior and enliven the atmosphere. So, the staircase and the sliding mirror partition are complemented by a decorative edging, in which the Greek meander is guessed. The shape of the caissons on the ceiling is emphasized by the ornamental author’s painting. And the mirror doors of storage systems, thanks to stained glass inserts and voluminous details, resemble works of art.



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