Stylish beauty salon in Monaco
Only 50 squares

Stylish beauty salon in Monaco

Maria Green – Interior Designer / Stylish beauty salon in Monaco

Monaco is 2 square kilometers of wealth and luxury. The richest people from all over the world come here to have fun. The coast is very small with few beaches. And there are only 2 hotels with a private beach. Le Meridian is one of them. I was lucky to make the interior project of the beauty salon. The main specialization of my activity for many years is the design of beauty salons. Having a huge experience in creating salons in different cities of the world, I was surprised by the specifics of this business in Monaco.

I had never worked with such tiny spaces. Only 50 squares without Windows. The Specifics of the salon does not imply a complex of different services but a specific preparation of the client for the party . Only make-up manicure dry styling. No colorings, massages, Facials . The main clients are young ladies who want to Shine in the clubs of Monaco .

I had chosen the style of ‘ 70s Memphis but in a very delicate feminine colours. The cost of real estate and its rental in Monaco is sky-high, and the customer asked to make the design as simple as possible and not expensive. Therefore, the main emphasis was transferred to the furniture and wall decoration remained very cheap and simple. For the floor was chosen a pied terrazio. The glass was decorated with stained glass film . I had a lot of fun with the furniture . What conclusion did I draw from working with an elite client: Even if I am approached by a person from the government or a beauty salon in the most expensive and pretentious place in the world, I am trying not to lose my composure and irony. So I fulfilled this order frisky and ironically. Everyone was satisfied.


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