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A businessman’s office requires a well designed space. After all, not only short staff meetings are held in this room, but also long negotiations with partners, signing agreements, watching presentations and other important business processes. Therefore, the interior designer Maria Green worked really hard to create a convenient workspace for one of her clients. The main problem was the small size of the future office.

Functional zoning of the manager’s office design in a small room

Male manager office design
Male manager office design

The photo of the interior of the male manager’s office shows that the room is divided into two functional zones. The working area is furnished with a massive table for negotiations with comfortable armchairs and a stylish hanging lamp in the shape of a spotlight. Since any presentation is impossible without the use of high-quality electronics, the room is equipped with a widescreen flat-panel TV, which allows you to visually demonstrate all planned business activities to colleagues, the financial situation of the company, its achievements and other important information.

The second functional area is a place for relaxed conversations with partners and coffee breaks. That’s why a soft comfortable semicircular sofa and a coffee table were placed in this interior design project. They let you enjoy the soft natural light in the daytime. In the evening the second spotlight can be used. These lamps in the photo are one of the hottest items of furniture and interior equipment of 2015, used in residential places or office designs. Their steel construction, massive tripod and the overall style blend in perfectly with modern interiors.

Business style in a male manager office decoration

Modern style office design
Modern style office design

Business atmosphere in this office interior is emphasized by the wooden walls and floor and the manager’s table. The brown palette of the room is set off by black accents such as chairs and spotlights. A purple sofa, a white table and a light carpet which dilute the brown-black tones, give more vibrance to the design project.



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