Townhouse Design 250 sqm
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Townhouse Design 250 sqm

Maria Green – Interior Designer / Townhouse Design 250 sqm

Beautiful Interior of Modern Townhouse

The interior of a multi-level apartment in this 250 sq. m townhouse is decorated in a single concept of a combination of art deco and neoclassical styles. Elegance here is defined by noble materials and a color scheme in a single beige-brown range with golden accents. Especially relevant is the pink-beige background color, sophisticated and soothing, tinted with an expressive contrast with glossy black and deep shades of brown.

Minor inclusions of “gold” in the form of door fittings and piping add gloss to the atmosphere. Luxurious combination of indispensable attributes of designer renovation – illuminated onyx, natural polished marble and Venetian plaster – bring a sense of respectability and solidity to the atmosphere. The compositional center of the living and dining areas are designer chandeliers made of transparent glass, large and elegant at the same time, flowing in a radiant cascade.

Beige upholstered furniture with a carriage screed, paired floor lamps and traditional window textiles create coziness in the interior, and designer ornaments present in the decoration of the ceiling, large glass doors and marble floor are an elegant decoration.



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