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These two identical houses were bought by a wonderful family. A married couple of very intelligent and successful, but most importantly loving each other amazing people. Parents of a wonderful adult daughter, they have always dreamed of a son. When they already stopped hoping, fate gave them two twins at once and at the same time a grandson and later a granddaughter. So unexpectedly, happiness settled in the house. And it became clear that the house should be large. And better there should be two houses! And so they invited me for a project of two identical twin houses on the same plot.

The main requirement was that everything should be as durable and repairable as possible. In a house with 4 kids, that is the only way of living. The Mediterranean loft style was chosen. All around is in paint and stone. Furniture that will serve for centuries. This is a simple and at the same time very cute space where all this family happiness will settle comfortably. There the sun will shine, the water in the pool will sparkle, children’s feet will stomp, cakes will bake, kebabs will grill in the barbecue, cicadas will sing.



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