Bathhouse Interior and Facade Design

Bathhouse Interior and Facade Design

Maria Green – Interior Designer / Bathhouse Interior and Facade Design

The bathhouse went to the owners along with the plot, and in terms of functionality it was quite suitable, but the design had to be rethinked. With the help of wood panels, concrete plaster, Italon and Kerama Marazzi porcelain stoneware and original decorating ideas, Maria Green completely transformed the space, creating a cozy and ergonomic interior in a modern style.

The recreation area on the ground floor was complemented by an open biofireplace and a compact dining group with an original table. To emphasize the importance of this segment, a designer chandelier with colored glass pendants was placed above it. And the wooden ceiling with hidden LED lighting has radically changed the perception of the space.

The starting point in the design of the second floor, where the home theatre with a bar is located, was the “Winter Garden” glazing system supplemented by illumination. It provided a visual fusion of the interior with nature and the opportunity of stargazing while sitting on the couch. Relaxing burning fireplace with a panoramic firebox created warm and soulful atmosphere.



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