Classic beauty salon design
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Classic beauty salon design

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Modern temple of beauty

A beauty salon is a place where women come with the hope of positive changes and a wonderful transformation. Obviously, the interior of a modern temple of beauty must meet such desires, carry a special energy that sets you up for a wonderful result.

Palace atmosphere

Intricate stucco, white marble, columns with richly decorated capitals – the design of the beauty salon, decided in the classical style, impresses with exquisite decor and a truly palace atmosphere. Thanks to large mirrors, the space decorated with boiserie panels looks spacious and filled with air. And the LED lighting of the false ceiling visually increases the height of the room, emphasizes its configuration and enhances the aristocratic notes in the setting.

The current interior palette

The fashionable white and turquoise color scheme with malachite and emerald nuances fills the interior with freshness and gives a feeling of spring renewal. The light floor goes well with the white ceiling and richly draped French silk curtains. And the edgings and brushes on the author’s textiles are in perfect harmony with the golden patina on the stucco pilasters and columns.

Exquisite decor

White furniture with emerald green upholstery and luxurious lamps with pendants and warm amber shades serve as accent details in this spectacular interior. Patinated carvings add vintage charm to armchairs and chairs with bent legs, supporting the overall concept of the project. And Italian lamps – palace chandeliers, floor lamps, spotlights and exclusive bulb pendants – actively participate in zoning the space and make the atmosphere cozy.

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