Karaoke Voice Interior Design in Limassol, Cyprus
90s Style

Karaoke Voice Interior Design in Limassol, Cyprus

Maria Green – Interior Designer / Karaoke Voice Interior Design in Limassol, Cyprus

Small room of 80 sq. m, which the successful Moscow karaoke chain Voice has chosen to implement its project in Limassol, Cyprus, welcomes guests with a unique atmosphere of the dashing and crazy 90s. The interior of the establishment is decorated in the best traditions of kitsch: pink neon, gold, sparkles. So visitors can definitely feel like pop stars, performing hits of the past years.

Attention on the walls of the hall is attracted by decorative portals made of black Sahara Noir mirror porcelain stoneware, framed with onyx and gold baguette. The DJ stand is decorated with blue fur and looks very glamorous. The furniture composition of blue and purple sofas is complemented by an original semicircular pink sofa designed for the soloists of the institution. And in the center of the hall there are onyx tables with LED lighting.

The upholstery of the chairs, made of fabric with a classic pied-de-poule print, helps to balance the flashy shades in the interior of the karaoke room. The same pattern is occasionally repeated in the decoration of common areas, where mirror mosaics and gold rule the show.

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