Michelin Restaurant in Cyprus
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Michelin Restaurant in Cyprus

Maria Green – Interior Designer / Michelin Restaurant in Cyprus

Creating a Miracle

This is the first Michelin restaurant in Cyprus. When I was approached by a wonderful and incomparable very successful developer George, the conversation turned out to be very short: «I’m opening a Michelin restaurant, waiting for you today. You have to create a miracle.» This is how successful people are doing business. Briefly and clearly.

It was decided to organize a restaurant in the most advantageous location of the new Cap St Georges hotel and resort, a small room with an already made kitchen and decorated with expensive marble (500 euros per square meter). And it was the marble in such a quantity that I did not like it at all. The room resembled a huge bathroom. «It is not clear to the visitor that this is a very expensive marble, all they see is that it is not cozy» — that what I told. In general, right from the threshold, I said that we would cover all this stone with wood.

The clients were shocked. But after the first sketches, they softened a bit, but didn’t like the first sheftable concept. I continued my attempts and the second concept completely fit. So, in just a month, contractors completed MDF wall panels with lighting and brass moldings, shelving and upholstered furniture. The stage and part of the glazing were decorated with a screen made of brass and red plexiglass. The furniture is all unique made for us from the best Italian leather. In general, luxury style is in every detail. The restaurant has received three Michelin stars in its first month of work, and is in great demand.

So the reserve is so packed with local and visiting oligarchs that I haven’t visited it yet.

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