Boutique Hotel Design in the Art Deco Style
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Boutique Hotel Design in the Art Deco Style

Maria Green – Interior Designer / Boutique Hotel Design in the Art Deco Style

The boutique hotel format implies a very careful, detailed and conceptual design. The interior of each room here is individual. The interior design of the presented boutique hotel strikes the imagination with intricate geometry and play of textures. In the reception area with panoramic windows that allow you to include the landscape outside the window in the interior composition, luxurious art deco rules the ball. Glossy dark stone surfaces with coffee veins are combined with the textured finish of the reception desk. Chandeliers with crystal edges and statuettes of graceful black cats emphasize the richness and elegance of the composition.

Hotel Design in the Moscow region
Hotel Design in the Moscow region

In the decoration of the stairs, we can observe the same play of stone, glass and mirror-gloss textures as in the reception area. The design projects of the rooms in the mini-hotel are solved in “delicious” caramel and coffee shades. Such tones evoke pleasant associations with a cup of fragrant latte. Volumetric space of the rooms is added by geometric patterns in the flooring and inserts with textile upholstery. The designer did not forget about stylish chandeliers, artistic panels, cozy armchairs with a “carriage” screed and framed photographs that give the hotel apartments a truly homely look.



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