Modern Art Deco Apartment Interior
Textural Contrasts

Modern Art Deco Apartment Interior

Maria Green – Interior Designer / Modern Art Deco Apartment Interior

The apartment interior is designed in the Art Deco style, and impresses with spectacular textural contrasts. Porcelain stoneware sets the tone for the finish: white with black stripes Super panda and dark SAHARA NOIR. Interior accents are author’s bas-reliefs with a trendy tropical motif, frescoes made in a watercolor manner, and glass panels skillfully imitating stained-glass windows with photo printing. And in the decoration of the ceiling, the plaster stucco frieze is the soloist, which also actively participates in the zoning of the space. Its classic design gives the interior aristocratic features and adds respectability.

Almost all the furniture in the apartment is built-in, so the storage systems are very spacious and do not catch the eye. The open shelves are complemented by LED strip, and the blank furniture fronts are accentuated with contour lighting, which visually facilitates the construction. Golden details add luxury to the atmosphere, and soft panels and textiles of lilac and fresh mint shades add tenderness.



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