6-room Apartment Interior with 240 m² Floor Area
Modern Art Deco

6-room Apartment Interior with 240 m² Floor Area

Maria Green – Interior Designer / 6-room Apartment Interior with 240 m² Floor Area

Expensive black marble, solid wood, onyx panels illuminated by LEDs, designer lamps… After renovation, a large 6-room apartment with an area of 240 m² looks impressive. This project, unique in all respects, is designed in the style of modern Art Deco, and impresses with an abundance of original decorating finds.

To correct the complex layout of the apartment, which could not be changed, they used a combined finish, LED lighting, decorative inserts in a bas-relief format and an author’s wall painting. And to complicate the geometry of space and give it additional depth, the multi-level ceilings designed by designer Maria Green allowed.

Each room in this apartment is unique, but thanks to the repetition of selected decorating techniques in all rooms, the interior looks harmonious and unified. And the leitmotif of the project was palm leaves, which in one interpretation or another are found in the dining room, and in the bedroom, and in the study, and in the bathroom.



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