Penthouse and Apartment Design in Limassol, Cyprus
Luxury and Ergonomics

Penthouse and Apartment Design in Limassol, Cyprus

Maria Green – Interior Designer / Penthouse and Apartment Design in Limassol, Cyprus

For an apartment building in Limassol, designer Maria Green has developed several projects in a modern style, including a standard apartment in two versions (including an improved design), a luxurious penthouse and a reception area. An individual design solution was proposed for each object, and in terms of finishing the emphasis was placed on natural materials: marble, wood, glass, metal.

Trendy Colors

Today, the natural palette is a priority, while the choice of fashionable shades is quite wide: interiors are decorated in both light and dark tones. In the design of the penthouse, the main role is played by sandy tones, which go well with white, sea green and graphite black. For a typical apartment, the most suitable was a light theme with dominant gray and milky tones. Improved design involves playing on the nuances of color, so the trendy gray palette in the interior is very widely represented. As for the reception area, white and light pastels dominate here, which made it possible to visually expand the space.

Secret of Success

The beauty and ergonomics of the interior largely depends on the layout. And here there are several win-win solutions: the most open studio space, light and compact interior partitions, zoning using light, furniture and decor. Decorative panels made of natural stone, which look like art objects, and unusual lamps will help make the atmosphere non-trivial.



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