Classic 4-Room Apartment Design
Aristocratic Atmosphere

Classic 4-Room Apartment Design

Maria Green – Interior Designer / Classic 4-Room Apartment Design

Classical stucco molding, refined light and designer stained-glass windows create an aristocratic atmosphere in the interior of a 4-room apartment for a family with two daughters. Traditional layouts add a sense of noble home, while LED lighting emphasizes the correct geometry of the rooms and adds a modern ambiance.

Bright ruby, emerald and amethyst accents fit perfectly into the concept of elegant classics and light surroundings. Their role is played by pieces of furniture, stained glass inserts on the facades of kitchen cabinets, lamps and textile decor. And the play with space is supported by stained-glass windows on the ceiling and mirrored caissons that create the illusion of a second light.

Thanks to the perfectly balanced style, the interior of the apartment looks light and harmonious. The highlight of the project are spectacular details: an exclusive washbasin, complemented by a mirror in a fancy frame, hanging pedestals on consoles in the master bedroom and marble panels in the TV area.



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