House Design in Pastel Shades
Winter Landscapes

House Design in Pastel Shades

Maria Green – Interior Designer / House Design in Pastel Shades

While working on the project of this private house in the Moscow region, Maria Green was inspired by winter landscapes. And they are reflected both in the exquisite «snowy» color scheme with the inclusion of white and blue shades, and in the original details of mirrors and glass. The living room with high ceilings looks filled with air, large windows create the illusion of merging the interior and exterior, and sparkling mirrors and golden-colored details add luxury: pendants on the lamp in the dining area, a rack for accessories, consoles, an onyx frieze.

Playing with Color

When decorating different rooms in the house, the designer played with the color blue. In the living room, hallways and bathrooms it is unusually delicate, in the kitchen it is more dense, and in teenage bedrooms the blue transforms into deep blue and even purple. And some of the most spectacular blue details in the interior of this house include inserts on mirror panels, a staircase railing made in the form of a stained glass window, and designer frescoes decorating the walls in different rooms.

Accent Details

In a light interior, black or dark brown furnishings work best as accent details. It was them that Maria Green used in this project. So in the spacious living room there was a fireplace lined with dark marble and a black dining table, in the bedroom there was a black glass partition separating the dressing room from the room, and in the kitchen there was a unit with household appliances.



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