Art Deco House Design with Indoor Pool
The Great Gatsby Style

Art Deco House Design with Indoor Pool

Maria Green – Interior Designer / Art Deco House Design with Indoor Pool

A magnet for celebrities and creative people

The owners of this house have been living in it for 20 years and in the past the house was absolutely typical for Germany. White wall, light tiles on the floor, simple white ceilings, IKEA furniture. But as time passed the welfare of the family improved and they desided to rebuild the house and give to it a gloss and luxury.

This house attracts celebrities and creative people like a magnet. It’s often visited by guests. Parties are held in the evenings. We immediately wanted to create a project that would match the charm and gloss of the customer like a portrait.

So I decided to risk and decorate the house in the style of the Great Gatsby. It happened to be Art Deco with classical elements. Non-standard for Germany stucco and classical facades of furniture delighted customers! The contrast of black marble and natural onyx with illumination straightway prove the status and welfare of the family. Strict geometric patterns and gray color reflect the personality of the owner of the house. Guests are delighted with a chandelier of hundreds of amber drops and a cozy fireplace.



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