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Cafe Design in Europe

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Vintage bricks, baroque stucco moldings painted in a dense gray color, crystal chandeliers, TV panels in a carved baguette… A complex mix of styles in the cafe interior is whimsical, catchy and brightly highlights the premium level of the establishment.

This is the fourth object that Maria Green designed for the chain, so the interior of the cafe located in one of the European capitals had to be kept in a certain format, and the designer succeeded!

In a pandemic, when the strongest survive, restaurateurs can achieve success in only one way — by providing guests with all the best: from kitchen to interior. And since the budget was very limited, the author of the project had to work hard to create a charismatic elite environment. So, decorative plaster was replaced by painting with the addition of gloss, and gypsum stucco decoration — by polyurethane. Furniture and chandeliers were ordered from China, and ceramic tiles were used as the flooring, realistically imitating parquet laid with a «herringbone».

Spectacularly draped velvet curtains with satin edging are perfect for window decorating. Stylized stained-glass windows are used as accent details: metal structures complemented by colored Venetian glass.

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