Tiki Tiki Bar Interior Design in Limassol
Hawaiian Atmosphere

Tiki Tiki Bar Interior Design in Limassol

Maria Green – Interior Designer / Tiki Tiki Bar Interior Design in Limassol

Tiki Tiki is an absolutely unique bar in the heart of Limassol city with a carefully recreated atmosphere of a Hawaiian institution in the tropical jungle, and is ideal for tasting unusual cocktails and hot parties.

Louvered doors lead to the terrace, wicker mats and surfboards decorate the walls, and the ceiling is decorated with bamboo stalks. All this creates a special flavor, allowing you to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Hawaii without wasting time on a many-hour flight. In addition, there is a lot of greenery and wood in the interior, and ethnic elements – ritual masks that decorate one of the walls, have turned into original lamps.

The wallpaper and decor elements for this project were created using a neural network. So it’s no surprise that whimsical, vibrant prints with island motifs are an immediate eye-catcher. The floor, painted with Hawaiian ornaments with palm leaves, will not go unnoticed. And neon signs add actual urban touches to the design of the bar.

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